Exceptional Coverage. Enduring Finish. Outstanding depth of colour.

Paint colours are the glue that brings the scheme together. So paint colours have to be perfect, otherwise the whole scheme falls apart, as many may have experienced.

Our paint colour counsellors offer an invaluable service, guiding you through the process of choosing the perfect paint colour using our accurate, large paint swatches (no need for tester pots!). They can also advise on the best paint to use for each situation as this can be overwhelming.

Whether itʼs a matt paint, a hard wearing emulsion, or an eggshell (acrylic or oil based), all of our trusted brands offer paints that benefit from deep pigmentation giving maximum coverage with a richness of finish that creates a stunning backdrop to enhance any space. Whether your painting with deep colours, mid tones or lighter colours, the complex colour receipts give the paint finish a unique, luxurious quality that canʼt be achieved using cheaper paints. All come with minimum VOC content and environmentally friendly credentials.

We look forward to exploring the world of paint and colour with you!



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